It is a philatelic collection of my blog.
I collected horse ,painting -in particular the classical paintings of women,and Japanese painting.
In addition, I have been collecting China's postmark, the Chinese New Year stamp collecting materials,I also interested in the various countries of the FDCs.
I hope my blog can bring happiness to you so that you share my enthusiasm......

17 October 2008


The Japanese postal service returns the postmark, in 1993-1997 years, I have sent many in China's issued stamp's first day ,because at that time did not have Japan's stamps changer.....
Now had the Japanese friend, the recollection past, unforgettable!

16 October 2008

Polish stamp sheet/s

Today, I receive German friend Grehard Koss the registration. He exchanges this Polish stamp sheet/s which gives, the my first seeing…Very beautiful

buy ......

Today, I buy 1 Vatican's registration Aerogamme from stamp merchant there. it is the RoBBIA painting ......


I was very glad, and the registered mail of philatelist MARTIN in Belgium was received again on October 15. Among them, these two materials, it is useful for me.

Sissi----Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider
Romy Schneider on 23 September 1938 as the daughter of actor-couple Magda Schneider and Wolf Albach-Retty born in Vienna. Even as a young girl she wrote in her diary: "I must necessarily be actress. I must! "

Romy Schneider's life was marked by highs and lows. One of the celebrated film star, the other by the international press dropped actress, as the lucky woman at the side of celebrity life companions (including the famous Alain Delon), where the depressive man, the fate of hard blows (multiple divorces, the death of fourteen-year-old Son) was examined. In the sixties and seventies turned Romy Schneider movies almost exclusively in France.

On the occasion of its 70th Birthday appears to WIPA08 the new "Romy Schneider" special stamp - a philatelic appreciation for the "best actress of her generation" (Orson Welles).

Extreme Sports Series (3rd)Korea

Snowboarding is featured as the third installment in the Extreme Sports series.