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19 December 2008

Chinese Shaanxi eight Strange Customs

Wearing the Kerchief on the Head
Shaanxi abounds in cotton, and cotton spinning and weaving have been around for quite a long time in rural areas

Singing Operas in a Roaring Voice
Shaanxi Opera is one of the main local operas in Shaanxi. It is characterized by its high-pitched and passionate tunes and strong beats.

The Bowl as Big as a Basin
Traditionally, Shaanxi people eat with a blue-and-white porcelain bowl of about 0.33m in diameter. .

Houses Built on One Side
Whether you are in the City of Xi'an or anywhere else in Shaanxi Province, you'll see houses built on one side wherever you go.

Squatting Instead of Sitting
Men in Shaanxi traditionally gather around for their three meals every day in a squatting position. The meals are called "old bowl meetings".

Hot Pepper - A Course in Its Own Right
Hot pepper is a famous product in Shaanxi and strings of red pepper are hung in front of almost every house in the City of Xi'an.

Panpakes as big as pan cover
Guokui, or "wok cake", is a kind of wok-baked cake made of wheat flour dough. It's not only the staple food of Shaanxi people, but also a good choice as a traveling food.

Noodles as Wide as a Belt
Wheat is widely grown in Shaanxi, so noodles are the most common staple food for the local people. Of all types of noodles, hand-pulled noodles are the most popular

The above eight Strange has formed the Shaanxi image of honest and loyal, also reflected the unique Shaanxi features. Shaanxi people are bold and unconstrained not only in nature but also in diet culture. The belt-like noodles, cover-like pancakes and oiled capsicums are typical demonstrations. About the house architecture, it is the great result of making best use of the sunshine. The roaring-like opera are due to the special landforms Shaanxi that knaps and dongas abound.

These are China's postcards---The picture is China's traditional crafts, "the clay sculpture"