It is a philatelic collection of my blog.
I collected horse ,painting -in particular the classical paintings of women,and Japanese painting.
In addition, I have been collecting China's postmark, the Chinese New Year stamp collecting materials,I also interested in the various countries of the FDCs.
I hope my blog can bring happiness to you so that you share my enthusiasm......

29 April 2009

Horse's philatelic materials

Printing Misplaced

Austria pre-Stamped Postcard 1909
I purchase them from a Chinese merchant there, has spent 35€(EUR) ,Oh, really expensive!!!

JAPAN - Philatelic Week 2009

JAPAN - Philatelic Week ,An annual series that generally showcased classicalJapanese artwork.

On April 20, Japan distributes in 2009 “the Philatelic Week 2009” thestamp. The postage stamp selects the peony which Chinese and Japan's painters create, they are Chinese modern painter Yu Fei AN "Peony Hummingbird", Chinese Qing Dynasty painter Ren Bonian "Peony", as well as Japanese painter kanashima Keika"Peony". Is also printed with the writing in stamp souvenir sheet of stamps's above--Wishes .2009 worlds to cut the hand exhibition--

Chinese painter Ren Bonian (1840-1896)
the peony (part)

Chinese painter Yu Fei AN (1888-1959)
the peony bee house sparrow (part)

Japanese painter KANASHIMA, Keika( 1892 - 1974)
the peony (part)