It is a philatelic collection of my blog.
I collected horse ,painting -in particular the classical paintings of women,and Japanese painting.
In addition, I have been collecting China's postmark, the Chinese New Year stamp collecting materials,I also interested in the various countries of the FDCs.
I hope my blog can bring happiness to you so that you share my enthusiasm......

04 August 2010

Friends! You are good, I came back, welcome you to continue to visit this website, thanks

Friends! You are good, I came back, welcome you to continue to visit this website, thanks

04 May 2009

China has injured the pingpong movement, and has lost the world

China is the country's table tennis ball. Table tennis in China is very extensive. No matter who, almost everyone will play. In China, table tennis is very popular Taiwan case. Whether in parks, squares, or in the workplace, can be seen everywhere.
ince 1959, Rong Guotuan in the 25th World Table Tennis Championships to achieve world champion, produced numerous Chinese table tennis world champion.

From 1993 the Tianjin World Table Tennis Championship, the country pingpong starts not to divide into periods assumes full responsibility the history. “the Chinese wins the championship is not the news, the Chinese loses the game is the flash news.”Therefore the International Table Tennis Federation announces the change rule many times, wants to let China's superiority weaken some. What what a pity is, regardless of being the big ball, 11 point system or the Olympic Games doubles changes the association, all changes can only let the Chinese pingpong ball be getting more and more formidable. is very obvious, a country in a project's monopolizing superiority, threatens this project sufficiently the survival prospect. The world rank's table tennis match, China undertakes number of times most - - - reasons to be very simple, other countries do not gather the enough audience, holds the competition to lose money, but loses money business, is nobody is willing to do.

29 April 2009

Horse's philatelic materials

Printing Misplaced

Austria pre-Stamped Postcard 1909
I purchase them from a Chinese merchant there, has spent 35€(EUR) ,Oh, really expensive!!!

JAPAN - Philatelic Week 2009

JAPAN - Philatelic Week ,An annual series that generally showcased classicalJapanese artwork.

On April 20, Japan distributes in 2009 “the Philatelic Week 2009” thestamp. The postage stamp selects the peony which Chinese and Japan's painters create, they are Chinese modern painter Yu Fei AN "Peony Hummingbird", Chinese Qing Dynasty painter Ren Bonian "Peony", as well as Japanese painter kanashima Keika"Peony". Is also printed with the writing in stamp souvenir sheet of stamps's above--Wishes .2009 worlds to cut the hand exhibition--

Chinese painter Ren Bonian (1840-1896)
the peony (part)

Chinese painter Yu Fei AN (1888-1959)
the peony bee house sparrow (part)

Japanese painter KANASHIMA, Keika( 1892 - 1974)
the peony (part)

24 April 2009

Chinese PLA

April 23, Qingdao - China People's Liberation Army held a grand ceremony to commemorate China's 60th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army Navy.
The ocean is the common home to navies of the world. It is the responsibility of every navy to protect maritime security while establishing a peaceful and harmonious maritime environment.

15 April 2009

China 2009 world stamp exhibition(5)

Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibition topic class exhibit collection prize table of contents--China's

"Smoking" LV

1 water
2 Fish LV
3 Sunlight G
4 Bird's wing V
5 Tobacco V
6 Wind LV
7 Lion
8 sound V
9 cow V
10 books LV
11 She - - in his eye V
12 Money LV
13 Shoes LV
14 Smoking LV
15 Environment sculpture
16 Map V
17 Olympics' charm LV
18 child LV
19 ache LV
20 Petroleum and natural gas V
21 The postal service transports hands over V
22 Railroad line V
23 Steam locomotiveV
24 sailing ship
25 Cycle racing LV
26 Drives the automobile
27 Horse-drawn vehicle
28 Submarine V
29 Symmetrical
30 Lamp
31 Light

China 2009 world stamp exhibition(4)

FIP Philatelic Seminar

13 April 2009

China 2009 world stamp exhibition(3)

Holds “the Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibition meeting” in Luoyang on, has the world and Chinese merchant have some 500, 3 day-long postage stamps and stamp material total volume of business amounts to 6,2200,000 Yuan(CNY)= € 6,220,000(EUR) .

The Chinese regional 100 folk stamp collecting organization gathers Luoyang, they in April 11, 2009 afternoon, hold 2009 folk stamp collecting organization round table conference. Each representative will have carried on the speech.

on 11th and on 12th, 2009 world stamp exhibitions welcome unveiling later on are also the only two-day weekend, the stamp exhibition receive the tourist 50,000 people.

Yesterday morning, in was located at the Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibition organization committee three buildings in the international stamp collecting federation offices, international stamp collecting federation President Mr. Joseph · Wolfe has accepted the Henan television station, the Henan people Broadcasting station and east reports and so on at present many media the union interview.

Reporter: Is President Wolfe, how many this year you times arrives at China?

Wolfe: Before has come four times, the first two times are Beijing, the third time is Mianyang, but also one time was last year comes Luoyang.

Reporter: How do you appraise Luoyang this city?

Wolfe: This is a very beautiful city, is the colored heaven. Here people are warm, are friendly, Luoyang will have a very glorious future.

Reporter: The Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibitions had already carried on for three days, how do you appraise the organization committee and the stamp exhibition organizer's work?

Wolfe: This is the meeting which 130 for many years international stamp collecting federation 84 members have organized first time to participate completely, is grand, is successful. At the same time, the international stamp collecting federation various member nations cooperation is also good.
I thought that this stamp exhibition scale is very big, the former any stamp exhibition has no way with this time to compare. Specially the organizer, they organize well, I must thank them. Also has the volunteers, they are good, I see many people to bump into any question, can inquire to them, the volunteers be outspoken tell them.

Reporter: These three days, that matter most lets you be happy?

Wolfe: I have these many people to visit the stamp exhibition very happily. Displays when Luxembourg, 6 days only then come 40,000 people, but Luoyang this time, one day has more than 20,000 people.These many people visit let me think that is inconceivable. Has many young people in the visitor to let me be very happy, in them also has many children. But in Luxembourg, these many young people have not liked collecting stamps.
I also have even dreamed of these scenes in the dream: Many people come to visit the stamp exhibition, moreover is the young people, I smiled in the dream. “how also couldn't think that will have these many people to visit the stamp exhibition”

11 April 2009

China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition(2)

Opening ceremony

Visitors and reviewers

Trading places

10 April 2009

China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition---Commemorative Stamps(1)

China 2009 World Philatelic Exhibition in Henan Province and Luoyang Peony 27th to the Fair the evening of the opening 9 of the 8 o'clock in the Luoyang Stadium.

1. The exhibition logo is composed of the images of the Old City Tower of Luoyang, the Tree Peony, flying pigeons, stamp, the Earth and the characters of “China 2009”.
2. The seven flying pigeons vividly depict a blossoming peony and spread to the whole world the message of Luoyang’s China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition; the pigeons also embody peace and development.
3. The Old City Tower and the Tree Peony highlight the long history, brilliant culture and regional characteristics of the hosting city of Luoyang. The gradually changing blue color symbolizes the harmonious future.

Russia, the China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition in 2009 postmark

On April 10 , 2009, China National Philatelic Corporation issued a set of two first-day covers, carrying a two-piece set of commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet, "China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition", with a combined face value of 2.40yuan. The names of the stamps are "Carmine Pot with Design of Dragon and Phoenix Playing with Peony" and "Cloisonné Enamel Grass Holder with the Design of Brance-tangled Peony".