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13 April 2009

China 2009 world stamp exhibition(3)

Holds “the Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibition meeting” in Luoyang on, has the world and Chinese merchant have some 500, 3 day-long postage stamps and stamp material total volume of business amounts to 6,2200,000 Yuan(CNY)= € 6,220,000(EUR) .

The Chinese regional 100 folk stamp collecting organization gathers Luoyang, they in April 11, 2009 afternoon, hold 2009 folk stamp collecting organization round table conference. Each representative will have carried on the speech.

on 11th and on 12th, 2009 world stamp exhibitions welcome unveiling later on are also the only two-day weekend, the stamp exhibition receive the tourist 50,000 people.

Yesterday morning, in was located at the Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibition organization committee three buildings in the international stamp collecting federation offices, international stamp collecting federation President Mr. Joseph · Wolfe has accepted the Henan television station, the Henan people Broadcasting station and east reports and so on at present many media the union interview.

Reporter: Is President Wolfe, how many this year you times arrives at China?

Wolfe: Before has come four times, the first two times are Beijing, the third time is Mianyang, but also one time was last year comes Luoyang.

Reporter: How do you appraise Luoyang this city?

Wolfe: This is a very beautiful city, is the colored heaven. Here people are warm, are friendly, Luoyang will have a very glorious future.

Reporter: The Chinese 2009 world stamp exhibitions had already carried on for three days, how do you appraise the organization committee and the stamp exhibition organizer's work?

Wolfe: This is the meeting which 130 for many years international stamp collecting federation 84 members have organized first time to participate completely, is grand, is successful. At the same time, the international stamp collecting federation various member nations cooperation is also good.
I thought that this stamp exhibition scale is very big, the former any stamp exhibition has no way with this time to compare. Specially the organizer, they organize well, I must thank them. Also has the volunteers, they are good, I see many people to bump into any question, can inquire to them, the volunteers be outspoken tell them.

Reporter: These three days, that matter most lets you be happy?

Wolfe: I have these many people to visit the stamp exhibition very happily. Displays when Luxembourg, 6 days only then come 40,000 people, but Luoyang this time, one day has more than 20,000 people.These many people visit let me think that is inconceivable. Has many young people in the visitor to let me be very happy, in them also has many children. But in Luxembourg, these many young people have not liked collecting stamps.
I also have even dreamed of these scenes in the dream: Many people come to visit the stamp exhibition, moreover is the young people, I smiled in the dream. “how also couldn't think that will have these many people to visit the stamp exhibition”

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