It is a philatelic collection of my blog.
I collected horse ,painting -in particular the classical paintings of women,and Japanese painting.
In addition, I have been collecting China's postmark, the Chinese New Year stamp collecting materials,I also interested in the various countries of the FDCs.
I hope my blog can bring happiness to you so that you share my enthusiasm......

10 April 2009

China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition---Commemorative Stamps(1)

China 2009 World Philatelic Exhibition in Henan Province and Luoyang Peony 27th to the Fair the evening of the opening 9 of the 8 o'clock in the Luoyang Stadium.

1. The exhibition logo is composed of the images of the Old City Tower of Luoyang, the Tree Peony, flying pigeons, stamp, the Earth and the characters of “China 2009”.
2. The seven flying pigeons vividly depict a blossoming peony and spread to the whole world the message of Luoyang’s China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition; the pigeons also embody peace and development.
3. The Old City Tower and the Tree Peony highlight the long history, brilliant culture and regional characteristics of the hosting city of Luoyang. The gradually changing blue color symbolizes the harmonious future.

Russia, the China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition in 2009 postmark

On April 10 , 2009, China National Philatelic Corporation issued a set of two first-day covers, carrying a two-piece set of commemorative stamps and a souvenir sheet, "China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition", with a combined face value of 2.40yuan. The names of the stamps are "Carmine Pot with Design of Dragon and Phoenix Playing with Peony" and "Cloisonné Enamel Grass Holder with the Design of Brance-tangled Peony".

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