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04 May 2009

China has injured the pingpong movement, and has lost the world

China is the country's table tennis ball. Table tennis in China is very extensive. No matter who, almost everyone will play. In China, table tennis is very popular Taiwan case. Whether in parks, squares, or in the workplace, can be seen everywhere.
ince 1959, Rong Guotuan in the 25th World Table Tennis Championships to achieve world champion, produced numerous Chinese table tennis world champion.

From 1993 the Tianjin World Table Tennis Championship, the country pingpong starts not to divide into periods assumes full responsibility the history. “the Chinese wins the championship is not the news, the Chinese loses the game is the flash news.”Therefore the International Table Tennis Federation announces the change rule many times, wants to let China's superiority weaken some. What what a pity is, regardless of being the big ball, 11 point system or the Olympic Games doubles changes the association, all changes can only let the Chinese pingpong ball be getting more and more formidable. is very obvious, a country in a project's monopolizing superiority, threatens this project sufficiently the survival prospect. The world rank's table tennis match, China undertakes number of times most - - - reasons to be very simple, other countries do not gather the enough audience, holds the competition to lose money, but loses money business, is nobody is willing to do.

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